Cutrin Aurora hair colors with its intense shades

The new Cutrin hair color range AURORA offers coloros in over hundred different shades. AURORA hair colors are designed to serve the needs of both the sensitive scalp and the fine and delicate hair. The colors give the exceptional shine and soft feel as the end result.

AURORA hair colors offer a timely selection of shades regardless if you are looking for a trendy pink shade or want more of a natural look. AURORA hair colors also offer brilliant grey coverage. Cutrin Color services are available in hairdressing salons.



The Innovative Cutrin Aurora Color Radiance technology allows the natural active ingredients mix evenly with the developer, so the color molecules of the emulsion find their way effortlessly to the hair. The optimal emulsion protects the colorants, allowing the color to develop only after it is inside the hair. The color molecules lock inside the hair, which is why the hair color stays intense even after several washes.

Thanks to Innovative Cutrin Aurora Color Radiance technology and the nature’s own active ingredients, hair feels smooth, shiny and in good condition after coloring.


Radient colors inspired by Nordic nature

Cutrin AURORA colors are inspired by Nordic nature and light. AURORA colors contain nature’s own effective active ingredients such as cranberry seed oil and raspberry wax that boost the well-being of hair. These ingredients help to nourish and protect the hair. As a result your hair stays in good condition and is healthy looking and shiny.

The color selections covers shades from bright blonde tones to darker shades as well as trend shades.

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