NEW Cutrin Muoto Styling products for caring styling

Nordic hair is fine, dense and goes easily flat. Cutrin responds to the needs of the Nordic hair with the new MUOTO styling range that has been tailored for fine and fragile Nordic hair. Cutrin MUOTO products give the fine Nordic hair the lift it needs at the roots optimal structure and naturally beautiful finishing.


Fine styling for delicate Nordic hair

Cutrin MUOTO product family includes styling products developed especially for the finest hair. The MUOTO products give the delicate Nordic hair maximum volume as well as fine and natural hold.

Additionally the products protect the hair in harsh and changing weather conditions and against external stress factors like heat styling; UVA, UVB and humidity.

MUOTO styling products have been develope to protect and enhance the natural beauty of Nordic hair and they are perfectly suited for everyday and festive hairdos. Unique, fresh, soft and sophisticated fragrance.



Our national tree, the birch, is an iconic material in Finnish design. Its pale timber is just like our hair: light and smooth, poorly resistant to the weather conditions yet tough and flexible. Birch has also given its active ingredient to the Cutrin MUOTO product family. The birch sugar contained in the products moisturizes the hair and helps to strengthen it against external stress factors. The MUOTO package design has been also inspired by the black and white birch tree.




Cutrin Muoto priming products maximize the volume of fine but dense hair. The products also strengthen and prepare hair for styling. They protect hair from heat, preventing it from breaking and damage during styling. The products are applied to wet hair, after which the hair is either blow-dried or air-dried.



The Cutrin Muoto family of products especially tailored to fine and delicate hair provide both support to the roots and structure and definition to the strands. The products do not contain ingredients that flatten hair. The products are used on dry hair in order to achieve the desired end result.



Cutrin Muoto hairsprays finish delicate hair with a fine formula, giving hair a soft shine and durable structure. Special protective products provide optimal heat and moisture protection against weather conditions. The finishing products are sprayed on dry hair after the styling stage.

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