About us

Cutrin Oy is a strongly growing company with turnover of ca. EUR 17 million, developing and manufacturing products for hair care professionals. Cutrin Oy has offices in Espoo, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Product development laboratory is located in the Espoo headquarters and manufacturing takes place at the Espoo factory of LUMENE Oy.

The company has approximately 70 permanent employees in Finland and Russia.

Key markets

Cutrin key markets are Nordic countries and Russia, and the main export markets consist of Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine.


Cutrin Oy is owned by the funds of Langholm Capital LLP and the company management.


Cutrin brand is established in 1971. Today Cutrin Oy is an internationally successful Finnish professional hair care company with an in-depth knowledge of Nordic hair, scalp and conditions.

The company develops the best products and services for hair care professionals, combining the know-how of top hair care experts, market knowledge and the latest technology.

Cutrin’s solid expertise is also based on its pharmaceutical background, cooperation with LUMENE Oy, and long-standing, close partnerships in its key markets.

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