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SCC-Reflection 9.35 40 ml + SCC-Reflection 8.74 20 ml + 3% Cremoxyd. The model’s roots were evened out before dyeing: Reflection Demi Arctic Sun 0.7 + Oxylotion Light.


Neck: Slide-cut the lower portion in vertical sections, lengthening the cutting line slightly toward the shape line of the hair. Cut the entire back area in vertical sections, continuing from the ear all the way to the partition climbing to the crown.

Side sections: Continue the back lengths diagonally on both sides of the section climbing from the ear to the crown. Cut both sides diagonally in the same line, which enables you to lengthen the line towards the face. This makes for a firm shape, while the sections framing the face remain gentle.

Crown: Cut the lesser side of the partition to the desired length, from the crown towards the temple. Extend the length towards the face. Cut the crown to the same length, in the same line. Lighten the crown with point-cutting, and check the movement and structure of the cut. Finish the shape lines by eliminating excess fringiness.


The hair was styled first with Chooz Anti-frizzer and then dry-styled with Fiber Wax, from the same range.