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Roots: SCC-Reflection 10.36 + 9% Cremoxyd. Length: Arctic Sun 0.0 + Oxylotion Light. The front parts of the style were dyed with SCC-Reflection 9.35 and 9.56 + 6% Cremoxyd alternately.


Neck: Step-cut in vertical segments, and understretch the section lightly backwards as you move towards the bottom side section. In the area between the crown and the temporal bone, step-cut along the shape of the skull and merge the section with the bottom lengths.
Side sections: Continue the length of the step-cut line in the back over the ears and diagonally into the front section. Step-cut horizontally on both sides, taking into consideration the lesser and larger side of the parting.
Crown: Cut the crown section in the same line, using the length at the top as a guide.


The hair was styled with Cutrin Chooz Multivolumizer and finished with Dust Matt Powder, from the same range.