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Divide the hair into three sections.
Bottom section: SCC-Reflection 4.74 + 3% Cremoxyd.
Middle section: SCC-Reflection 4.74 + 6.33 + 3% Cremoxyd.
Crown: roots SCC-Reflection 6.33 + 3% Cremoxyd + gradient colour towards the ends with Reflection Demi Arctic Sun 0.03 + Oxylotion.


Partition the hair from one ear, via the crown to the other ear, lift the hair up to a 180-degree angle and cut it to the desired length in a direct line. Cut all front lengths to the same length in A-line sections. Lift the back lengths horizontally to the same line, and cut to the length of the original line.

Trim the shape lines, and point-cut the ends lightly.


The hair was styled with Root Boost Maximizer and volumised with Dry Shampoo, both from the Chooz range.