Cutrin ZiNG!

Zing Season Collection styles are the answer for the eternal dreams of perfect haircolor and haircut – Charismatic looks that work as such or lightly styled.

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The Cutrin ZiNG! Spring Collection 2014 by Mariela Sarkima features four gently feminine cuts and colours, all with a strong attitude. Inspiration for these versatile, approachable styles came from 1990s hairstyles. The collection’s fresh and sparky styles are based on firm cuts and colours, always adapted slightly to suit each customer perfectly. Accent colours bring personality and character to the soft and natural shades.


The ZiNG! styles are free of unnecessary gimmicks. The starting point for the new style is created with a technical base cut, and the style is then completed with consideration of the customer’s hair type and quality and the hair’s natural direction of growth. To ensure that the hair is easy to manage and style, the cut is personalised for each customer. The softness and ready styleability of the cut is a result of respect for the hair’s natural movement. Each ZiNG! cut is designed to work both in its natural state and lightly styled. The hair is not forced in a certain direction. The new style settles softly with the aid of the styling products selected in accordance with the hair type.


The ZiNG! colours are soft and natural. The basic shades are free of strong contrast, although vibrant accent colours can be used to spice up the style, if desired. Seamless gradient colours accentuate the natural softness of the cut. The surface of the hair is consistent in colour, but contrast can be created in the lower parts with the new Cutrin Fireworks shock colours and softer shades from the Cutrin SCC-Reflection range. A hint of fuchsia in dark hair or shades of apricot or rosé in lighter hairs create surprising and interesting effects in an otherwise feminine style.