The wind is nature’s most beautiful styling agent. It etches its own design onto nature, shaping the northern fells into amazing sights to behold. Wind also makes water flow. The rivers of the north run freely and magnificently.

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Two tones from the CUTRIN SCC reflection range, 3.56 Dark Violet and 6.16 Marble Lava, were used. The dye was spread evenly through the hair from the roots to the ends to produce an even overall tone.


The back section of hair was layered using a diagonal layering technique to obtain a good clean shape down towards the neck. The larger side of the parting was cut with low tension using a vertical layering technique following an upward parting from the ear to the top of the crown.

After this, the hair on the other side of the parting was cut to the length of the longest layer on the layered side. The structure of the hair cut was created through a texturising cutting technique and the front section was blended in with the back section in the dry phase.


The model’s hair was styled with Cutrin Chooz Multispray. For the final touches, Cutrin Chooz Fiber Wax, from the same product range, was used to set off the interesting and unusual focus of this haircut.

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