There is no combination of colours so beautiful as that of the northern lights. The dramatically changing colours flicker with such intensity and beauty that they take the viewer’s breath away. The beauty of this phenomenon is at once daring and peaceful, wild and tame − the essence of northern nature at its very best.

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The dominant tone used on the roots and front of the model’s hair is 4.16 Dark Lava, a special hair dye from the Reflection Demi range (60 g Oxylotion + 30 g 4.16). Reflection Demi 7.443 has been applied throughout the hair from the roots to the ends (30 g Oxylotion + 15 g).


The haircut was done using a basic A-line layering technique, taking into account the measurements of the face in proportion to the length of the hair. After layering, the hair was dried and the ends of the hair were cut using a ‘deep pointing’ technique. This technique uses scissors in a way that aims to cut as deep a point as possible.


The model’s hair was styled using Cutrin Chooz Root Boost Maximizer. The structure of the cut was amplified using Cutrin Chooz Refreshing Dry Shampoo which works as a hair spray.

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