The endless light of northern summer nights meets the brilliant white of winter snow. Beautifully translucent, milky white skin meets the splendour of colour of a meadow filled with flowers. The final touches applied evoke 1980s glam rock with a 2010s attitude.

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The dominant colour of the model’s hair was produced by applying the 10.71 ‘Sandy Desert’ shade from the Cutrin SCC reflection range to the roots of the hair (9 % 40 g + 40 g 10.71). In the emulsification stage, the dye was applied to the ends to ensure a sufficient overall purity of colour.

The front part of the hair was highlighted with the new tone 9.3 Very Light Golden Blond from the Reflection Demi range (30 g Oxylotion + 15 g 9.3).


After making an A-line parting, the haircut began from the nape area, creating downwardlengthening vertical layers. The hairline of the neck was simultaneously clearly defined, but with a jagged cut. Pulling sections of hair straight back, vertical layering was done down the centre of the area between the top of the crown and the nape area, connecting with the vertical parting of the lower area.

The hair on the sides of the head was cut using a technique in which sections of hair are cut at a horizontal angle, using straights cuts, taking care not to round the line. The cut at the top of the crown was connected to the layers on the sides, resulting in box layers which emphasised the overall shape. A notching technique was used to cut the hair to produce an edgy overall ‘choppy’ look.


The model’s hair was styled using Cutrin Chooz Texturizing Salt Spray from the New Chooz range. For dry styling, and setting off the spiky structure of the haircut, we used Cutrin Chooz Styling Glue. The hair was topped off with CutrinChooz Hairspray Max Control.

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