In men’s hair-cutting, we see a comeback of barber’s techniques, but unmerged crown sections are directed upwards or toward the back. Wood and resin browns are favored.

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The model’s hair is colored with SCC-REFLECTION permanent color, which provides a good structure for men’s hair. The shades used are 8.7 and a small amount of 8.43, with 6% CUTRIN SCC REFLECTION CREMOXYD.


The hair is styled with CUTRIN CHOOZiSM MULTI SPRAY, which has reclaimed its ORIGINAL CHOOZ formula. CUTRIN CHOOZiSM MATT WAX and CUTRIN CHOOZiSM SHINE SPRAY are used for finishing.


A hair trimmer with a 6-mm blade is used for the lower parts of the hair. The crown area is unmerged on the sides, while at the back, it is merged with scissors and comb technique.