Haircut techniques for women create soft, torn impressions and geometric shapes that give rhythm to the smooth movement of the hair.

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The model’s hair is colored with CUTRIN SCC-REFLECTION permanent color, shade 10.71,and 9% CUTRIN SCC-REFLECTION CREMOXYD.


The new CHOOZiSM ROOT BOOST MAXIMIZER product from the CUTRIN CHOOZiSM range is used for styling to create sufficient lift in the roots. Finishing is done with QUICK-DRY CONTROL HAIR SPRAY from the same series.


Horseshoe division is used in the step-cutting of the lower parts of the hair, to divide the hair mass in a 2/3 ratio. The vertical parts are slithered from the borders toward the mass, to preserve the length but lighten the ends, thus giving lightness to the style. The crown is merged with visual pointing.