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Arctic Superfood for the different needs of Nordic hair

Nordic hair. It’s just different.

Nordic hair is soft, glassy and of exceptional shape. That’s why it also calls for exceptional hair care products.

CUTRIN ISM is a line of hair care products developed for Nordic hair, where you’ll find a customized solution for each Nordic hair type and demand: for normal, colored, fine, demanding, thirsty, curly, wavy, dry, burdened, over-treated, static, limp or flat hair as well as hair needing deep cleansing. 

Cutrin Arctic Active ComplexTM

Only the berries and plants with the greatest vitality can survive tough Nordic conditions. During the short, but exceptionally intensive and nightless growing season, nature’s gifts are loaded with a huge amount of nutrients, vitamins and active ingredients. The unique Arctic Active ComplexTM technology of Cutrin’s ISM series conditions, protects and pampers Nordic hair with the power of active ingredients selected according to hair type and hair care demand.