New Sensitive

A gentle choice for your hair, scalp and respiratory tract.

Nordic CUTRIN SENSITIVE is the first group of professional hair care and styling products that
has been granted the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation symbol for non-allergenic
products. It is gentle on your hair, skin and respiratory tract. Sensitive products contain only
carefully selected, gentle, high-quality raw materials. The group contains none of the most
commonly allergizing substances, such as fragrances, colorants, parabens or silicone and
mineral oils.
The nourishing active ingredient in Sensitive care products is flax extract, uniquely born in our
Northern environment. Flax extract nourishes the scalp and gives it softness. Flax extract
contains natural polysaccharides which correct the surface structure of the skin, reducing
irritation, redness and tightness. Soothing and preventing skin inflammations, flax extract
forms a microfilm on the skin, which helps to protect the scalp from external irritants.
The Cutrin Sensitive group of hair care products has been developed, manufactured and tested
in Finland. All care products have passed a 24 hour skin patch test on volunteer subjects. This
product group contains only vegetable-based cleansing substances.