Weather Proof Styling

Guaranteed to be the best that Nordic Hair Experts have developed.

Cutrin Chooz is range of styling products developed for the Nordic hair and Nordic climate. It works in all conditions - from summer heat to winter sleet. CUTRIN CHOOZ gives your hair just the kind of hold, shine and volume that you need. It guarantees an END RESULT THAT WORKS. CUTRIN CHOOZ is the result of top work by Nordic hair experts: a range of styling products that is guaranteed to work.

Developed for arctic climate

Cutrin Chooz styling range defies the demanding Nordic conditions. With the Chooz products, you can boldly try new looks and hairstyles. It's guaranteed to work. All you have to do is enjoy a freedom of styling.

CUTRIN CHOOZ products are inspired by Arctic nature and climate. The products have a fresh but pleasantly mild fragrance. The products contain heat, UV and moisture protection according their purpose of use. With these properties, CUTRIN CHOOZ gives maximum volume, flexible hold and radiant shine for Nordic hair.