Anything is Possible–
Whatever the Conditions

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You have the right to a great hair day, even with falling sleet, howling wind and biting frost.

Our climate can be as severe as it is gentle. It gives and it takes. Here in the north, our hair is exposed to extreme weather conditions in all four seasons. It has to endure the autumn’s freezing rain, the winter’s biting frost, the harmful UV rays of the spring sunshine, and the drying dust and heat of summer.

We at Cutrin are proud of our Finnish origins and our Nordic roots. Our product development is inspired by the purity of our nature and the unique power of its raw materials.

Developed for salon professionals, Cutrin products are proven to be effective and combine high quality, the ancient power of the northern environment, the latest technology and unique local expertise.

"We children of the north are just as unique and tenacious as our environment."

Cutrin malliCutrin – For Salons Only

Finns are known around the world as a people of action rather than words. The things we do, we do properly: honestly, persistently and resolutely, to the end. The same applies to our products, whose superb quality and proven effect is confirmed by countless satisfied hairdressing customers.

Cutrin’s hair colours, waving lotions and hair care and styling products are developed to fulfil the needs and wishes of the most demanding salon professional. We know that professionals are only satisfied with the best.

Cutrin’s first-rate salon products are designed, developed, tested and produced in Finland.

"The northern climate is a challenge for hair. We challenge the climate, responsibly."

Arctic Exoticism

Only the berries and plants with the greatest vitality can survive the tough northern conditions. This is why the nature here offers pure raw materials that cannot be found elsewhere. After they have been hardened by the icy winds of winter, the summer’s midnight sun charges our berries and plants with unique vigour. The short but intensive growing season loads our nature with a huge amount of nutrients, vitamins and active ingredients that have just the right properties to protect and care for our hair.

Finnish Endurance and Energy

We study the raw materials of the northern environment and are always refining them into innovative new Cutrin hair care products for salon professionals and their customers.

The power of the northern nature arises from active ingredients extracted from Arctic berries and the wind-blown heights of the north. Our product development is characterised by typically Finnish endurance and perseverance. In our manufacturing we comply with the latest laws and regulations, and the safety of our products is tested by independent laboratories. Quality and reliability are guaranteed thanks to our Finnish characteristics of trustworthiness, honesty and doggedness. Thanks to our pharmaceutical background, we are scrupulous about product safety.

This is our home, too. Our appreciation for our Nordic environment is reflected in our production processes. The short distances from the factory to the end consumers reduce our ecological footprint and allow us to keep the prices of our top-quality products reasonable. With a Cutrin product, you pay for pure content.

Sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn seed oil from Nordic nature moistens, softens, and nourishes the hair. The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the seed oil prevent the loss of proteins and the damaging of keratin. It is an ingredient that is strong in nourishing and strengthening the hair but also efficiently softens and moistens both the hair and the scalp.

Sea buckthorn


Cranberry seed oil from Nordic nature protects and nourishes the hair. It contains antioxidants that protect the color of the hair and makes the color last longer.
The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the cranberry seed oil care for, strengthen, and protect the hair.



Raspberry wax from Nordic nature protects the hair and makes the color last longer. It provides the hair with a magnificent shine and manageability. Raspberry wax is produced from cold-pressed raspberry oil. The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the cranberry seed oil care for, strengthen, and protect the hair.



Blackcurrant seed oil from Nordic nature nourishes and moistens the hair. The unique blackcurrant seed oil includes fatty acids that are important for the health of the skin and hair: gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), linolenic acid (omega-6), and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3). The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids care for, strengthen, and protect the hair.



Flax extract is a safe and environmentally friendly raw material. This 100% clean natural product cares and strengthens the skin, calms and protects the scalp, and nurtures the hair. The natural polysaccharides of the flax extract have a reinvigorating effect on the scalp. The extract protects the scalp from external irritating factors.


Birch sugar

Birch sugar from Nordic nature strengthens and moistens the hair. It returns the moisture balance of the hair and thus makes it stronger and gives extra volume. The hair also becomes more manageable.


Spruce knot extract

Spruce knot extract from Northern forests contains natural powerful antioxidants that protect the hair against harmful environmental factors – such as sunlight, which can fade the hair and remove color. Spruce knot extract is a byproduct of the forest industry, and trees are not felled for the sole purpose of retrieving it.

Spruce knot extract

Quartz mineral

Quartz, a mineral from Nordic nature, provides the coiffure with shine and durability. It protects and strengthens the hair. The colorless form of quartz is known as rock crystal.

Quartz mineral

Juniper sprout extract

Juniper sprout extract from Nordic nature is a 100% natural Finnish product.
It is gently extracted from juniper sprouts, and it consists of fragrant aromatic oils and plant waxes. It efficiently calms down the scalp, and it is also known for its antimicrobial effect, preventing dandruff.

Juniper sprout extract

"Life gives you more when you live it with an open mind, without worrying about perfection."


Cutrin’s roots lie deep in the exotic soil of the Arctic region. That is where we obtain our inspiration and the unique active ingredients of our products. Our respect for nature and the environment is reflected in everything we do. We want to do our bit to ensure they are still there for our grandchildren to enjoy.


We keep our word: that is how things are done in Finland. Integrity, reliability and healthy ambition govern our operations throughout the chain, from product development right up to the salon. Quality, reliability and flexible service are things we will not give up.




A true partnership is born out of togetherness – both physical and spiritual. We develop our products and services according to our customers’ priorities. This is why we love to hear about your needs and wishes. We make our expertise available for our partners, to support them and their business development. Together we will succeed.

Our geographical proximity to our customers is also an advantage: the Cutrin product development lab and factory are located in Espoo, Finland, so we can take care of deliveries swiftly and with a small carbon footprint.


Only the best is good enough. The first-rate quality of products intended for professional use is something on which we will not compromise. Cutrin products are proven to be effective yet gentle. They combine the latest product development technology with four decades of expertise in the well-being of the Nordic hair and scalp type.