Naturally blond hair is hereditary. In Europe, blond hair is most common in the North: the majority of the world’s naturally blond people live in or hail from the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea.1 Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Cutrin from Finland has been an expert in sensitive and delicate blond hair, typical of Nordic people, for over four decades.

Blond hair is regarded as seductive, and blond shades are always in great demand – particularly now! They are used to emphasize naturalness, to add nuances and vividness and to discreetly cover grays. Even in hair dyes, Nordic fairness is genuine – your customers’ hair is infused with the gentle shades of the sun and nightless nights, all year round.



Cutrin Reflection Demi Arctic Sun Lightening Tone

Today’s popular hair dyes contain natural conditioning agents, are gentle to the hair, and are free of ammonia. With Cutrin Reflection Demi Arctic Sun Lightening Tones you can offer your customers extremely gentle bleaching and natural results, as if the hair was bleached by the sun. These ammonia-free special dyes brighten the hair color and lighten the natural base by two degrees. The dyes contain UV protection.

Cutrin Reflection Demi Arctic Sun Lightening Tones ingredients – an innovative breakthrough:

The antioxidants found in the Nordic cloudberry nectar protect the color from external damage while also invigorating the hair. The Nordic raspberry wax restores the hair’s fabulous shine and makes the color last longer.


  • Brightening the hair to receive natural results, as if bleached by the sun
  • Gentle bleaching of hair
  • Ideal for highlighted hair, to hide roots or to soften the contrast between highlights and the customer’s own color
  • Ideal for natural base 7–8
  • Can be used with a perm
  • Mixing ratio 1:2
  • To be left in for approximately 20 minutes, depending on the desired result


Four sunny shades:

AS 0.0 Natural Sun

AS 0.3 Golden Sun

AS 0.36 Bright Sun

AS 0.7 Midnight Sun